Pembrokeshire Christmas

Pembrokeshire Christmas

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I've been in search of the perfect Christmas scent since I began my journey into candle-making. 

I didn't just want to tick off the box of the classic ingredients. We do things differently in Pembrokeshire - welcome to our Christmas candle! 

You'll find a truly unique blend that evokes all you love about Christmas, combining the well-known cinnamon scent with orange, pine and melissa (lemon balm) are going to fall in love with those citrus overtones.


All our products are made only of sustainable plant waxes and essential oils - this means they are all natural, vegan and paraffin & palm oil free. 

The essential oils in this candle are:

Cinnamon Leaf: energising & stimulating 

Sweet Orange: uplifting, detoxifying & calming 

Scots Pine: cleans the air, revitalising mind & spirit, relieving tension & exhaustion

Melissa: calming