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This is an indulgent scent and one that fits perfectly in so many settings. If you'll excuse my honesty, I wanted to create a strong masculine smell, that is perfect for a bachelor pad, and yet selling experience has shown that it's more popular with women.

I've loved experimenting with different ways to elevate the mood-lifting qualities of Cedarwood. Finally, I settled on a powerful combination of Black Pepper, Juniper Berry & Thyme.

Be prepared, this is a big aroma that clears stale air and will instantly make any house feel like a home.

As with all 'woody' candles that I create, the scent when the candle is burning is slightly softer than when you're sniffing it cold in the tin.

Special order only 

All our products are made only of sustainable plant waxes and essential oils - this means they are all natural, vegan and paraffin & palm oil free. 

The essential oils in this candle are:

Cedarwood: releasing  tension, mood-lifting, cleansing air 

Black Pepper: stimulating & promotes concentration

Juniper Berry: clearing stale air, bolstering spirits

Thyme: stimulating & antiseptic

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