Lavender & Verbena Wax Melts

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My go-to combination for a good night's sleep - it's a very personal scent that I hope brings you the peace and rest it has brought me.

I'm sure you will be familiar with the peace that lavender brings, it leads you down the path to a restful sleep. When combined with calming qualities of verbena, you'll fall in love with the gently sedative quality of the candle.

Although perfect for bed time, you'll also appreciate this candle during stressful moments or whilst you are studying.

6 Melts in each pack: please note that the label has been updated - look at the Candle listing for the new label.

All our products are made only of soy wax and essential oils - this means they are all natural, vegan and paraffin & palm oil free. 

The essential oils in these wax melts are:

Lavender: Calming, relaxing, promoting restful sleep

Verbena: Calming, easing panic, aiding focus