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Posted by Corinna Kershaw on

It's been a long journey to this moment.

Starting with a love of creating a beautiful atmosphere inside my home, through to learning the art of candle-making here on the coast of Wales. 

When I began dreaming about Caer Candles, I wanted to create powerful scents that do so much more than simply fill your house with evocative smells - but that harness the healing powers of essential oils. 

I also wanted to ensure we were creating a natural product, a vegan product and think through the sustainability of all the levels of our supply chain. That's why you'll find biodegradable packaging, only essential oils and, of course, paraffin-free soy wax. Each candle is scented with one of my own unique blends of essential oils and then hand-poured by me in my little workshop in Pembrokeshire, so you can be assured of the quality, love and care inside every purchase.

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Thank you so much for visiting the shop, feel free to reach out and, of course, if you love the candles please do share our story with your friends and followers.

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