Hi, and welcome to Caer Candles. I am Corinna, the founder, creator and 'nose' of CaerCandles. I live in a beautiful coastal part of north Pembrokeshire with my partner, dogs and hens. 

I launched Caer Candles in the late autumn of 2020, in the midst of lockdown. I wanted to create ethical candles that were honest and truly natural: candles made with essential oils, not fragrance and with sustainable plant waxes, not paraffin or otherwise exploitative waxes. I also wanted the candles to reflect the power of nature and things natural in all aspects, whether the source of the oils and wax or in the visual impact of the finished candle.

In the time since I was creating my first candles in my little workshop late into the night, I have been expanding the ethical stance of Caer Candles alongside the burgeoning choice of scents. I've refined the wax itself by blending my own after testing numerous sustainable options. I've been able to move away from imported tins to tins made here in Britain by a traditional tin making company who are traditional in quality but ahead of the game in using solar power for the production process. And I am working on collaborations with other artisans with similar values to enhance what Caer is able to offer to you the customers. 

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