All packaging is as eco friendly as possible, and that includes the labels!

Tins: labels peel off and the tin can be re-used for another purpose after washing with very hot water to remove any residue and to loosen off the wick holder, followed by a wash with soapy water. Alternatively they can be recycled with your kerbside recycling.

Melt clam shells: labels peel off and the clam shells, made of 88% recycled plastics, can be recycled again.

Labels: all the labels are biodegradable, so will break down in your rubbish. We can't confirm (yet!) how long they take to break down in a normal home compost heap. (Kerbside collection of compostable/biodegradable items are helped on their way by heat.)

Cardboard boxes: most of the boxes we use are made from recycled materials. All are recyclable, and they can also be used to block weeds in your garden - lay them over the weeds to block out the light and pop some compost or manure on top. By the time the cardboard has disintegrated, the weeds will be gone, or very dead.

Packing tape: made of paper. Fully biodegradable.

Shredded paper: all of it comes from amazon parcels and other deliveries and is  shredded by me in my household shredder! Waste not, want not as many of us  were told as children!