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Created with Mother's Day in mind but suitable for anytime you want to bring happiness into someone's life (including yours, you have my permission to treat yourself). 

Mandarin, rose geranium and lime essential oils combine to provide a real lift to the senses. 

 The photo on the label was taken in my garden back in the summer of 2021. I'd love to say it's always like that, but two successive summers of woodlice eating their way down the stems of my lupins has meant I'm on the brink of giving up growing lupins.

All our products are made only of sustainable plant waxes and essential oils - this means they are all-natural, vegan, and paraffin & palm oil-free. 

The essential oils in this candle are:

Mandarin: enhances well-being, gentle, relaxing & uplifting

Rose Geranium: mood-enhancing

Lime: stimulating, lifts the spirit

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