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Even after lockdowns, the idea of hibernating seems to resonate with many as the nights draw in and the days turn colder. I based this blend on gluhwein, which has greater depths of flavour and less sweetness than the standard British version of mulled wine. As my daughter put it, Hibernate embodies the gorgeousness of autumn and winter, snuggling up, getting cosy, being inside with a touch or warmth and sweetness’. For me it also nurtures memories of Christmas markets, particularly in Austria and Germany, with their abundance of gifts, foods and drinks, rich with warming scents and sensations. The sleeping dormouse on the label sums it up!

All our products are made only of sustainable plant waxes and essential oils - this means they are all-natural, vegan, and paraffin & palm oil-free. 

The essential oils in this candle are:

Red Mandarin: enhances wellbeing, known for being almost instantly uplifting

Star Anise: calming, promotes restful sleep

Clove Bud: comforting and relaxing        

Ginger: comforting and warming

Cinnamon: balancing

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