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There is no equivalent word in English for the Welsh word Hiraeth, which means a deep longing or yearning for a place, a person/people, or a time. It may be wistful, nostalgic or about something you never had/may never have. The combination of Clary Sage, Bergamot and Bay Laurel creates a blend that has a familiarity about it, yet also a feeling of freshness and something new, with perhaps a promise of things to come.

The image I chose for the label is of a footbridge in the Gwaun Valley.

All our products are made only of sustainable plant waxes and pure essential oils - this means they are all-natural, vegan, and paraffin & palm oil-free. 

The essential oils in this candle are:

Clary Sage: is known for uplifting the mind and the emotions

Bergamot: enhances wellbeing

Bay Laurel: lifts the spirits and relaxes the mind

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